As an inspiring investor, one of the greatest things that you can do for yourself to succeed in your investment journey is to commit to learning from those ahead of you. 

This really goes for anything in life, but especially investing!

When you pay attention to those who have gone before you and continue to be successful in their journeys, you can potentially avoid some of the mistakes they made, implement some of the things that they wish they would’ve done, and ultimately reach your desired goals even faster than imagined.

Here at XSITE Capital, we took it upon ourselves to gather what some may consider to be million dollar advice, so that YOU can learn it and soak it in too… all for free!

We asked 10 real estate/wealth professionals the same question:

”What 1 tip would you give to your younger self before jumping into your investor’s journey?”

But before we give you that advice, we must warn you: it might not be as groundbreaking as you might expect.

Oftentimes in life, it’s tempting to breeze past all of the simple advice out there because we’re more interested in the advice that seems more complex or “more important.”

The reality, however, is that the simple advice is usually the BEST advice.

As humans, we love to complicate things and we often convince ourselves that in order to achieve our desired results, something has to be difficult, challenging, or time consuming. 

What we’ve personally learned and have seen to be true from other experts in the field, is that the simple things actually add up the most. 

So, take this as your sign to stop overlooking the seemingly simple pieces of advice and embrace them for what they are: impactful and important. 

Now, back to that million dollar advice we promised ⬇️

10 Pieces of Advice From Top Real Estate & Wealth Professionals For Aspiring Investors

  1. “[Before you invest], learn about the market – including the history of it, how it behaved in the past 10-20 years.” – Evana Valenzuela Scheker
  2. Invest in yourself first: your mind is your truest asset! The market will have its highs and lows, but the investment that consistently compounds is the one you make in yourself. Books, courses, mentors – arm yourself with knowledge. When you elevate your understanding, every financial move you make thereafter stands on firmer ground.” – Nkem Ezeamama
  3. Define your WHY as early as possible. Understanding your end goal is vital, and from that point you can reverse engineer the process and start taking the steps to get there.” – Jesse Dickens
  4. Talk to more experienced investors. I had an attitude that I had to know and understand a lot of things myself. I would have found more people to talk to.” – Christopher Nelson
  5. Trust but verify. Don’t believe social media hype. Ask for references from passive investors in every deal.” – Sandhya Seshadri
  6. Make sure you know the operator and trust them! Don’t just go based off of the projected returns.” – Chad Schieler
  7. “Find an investor doing the strategy you think you want to do and offer to help work with them for free. Commit yourself to a minimum of one year and 1) learn all you can while you can, 2) add as much value as you can, and 3) work on improving your own financial situation.” – Nicole Pendergrass
  8. Do your due diligence on who you are investing with. This will make or break your investments.” – Sarah Miskelly
  9. “Don’t just learn for knowledge – learn and take action for power.” – Omkar Shinde
  10. Never underestimate the power of location and thorough due diligence. An attractive property in a poor location will rarely appreciate as much as an average property in a prime spot.” – Nishant Sondhi

Out of all of this advice, we identified two main themes: relationships and knowledge. 

As investors ourselves, we can confidently say that those two things really are the key to a successful investor journey!

In our experience, the numbers (aka your results) always follow the relationships. 

Can you succeed on your own? Sure.

But as the wise African proverb says, “If you want to go fast, go alone, but if you want to go FAR, go together.”

And additionally, the knowledge that you hold – both personally and professionally – can really dictate your outcomes… IF you put that knowledge into action. 

You can know something, but doing it is another story. 

This is why at XSITE Capital we’re so passionate about locking arms with investors to not only help them learn the ins and outs of multi-family investing, but also put that work into real action and get you on track to building your wealth. 

That’s what we’re all about!

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In addition to all of this amazing advice, we’re committed to making sure you have everything you need to get started with ease and confidence. 

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