about us

mission statement

For decades, real estate acquisition and portfolios have been the key to wealth accumulation in the US, but many have been excluded due to race, resources, and access. We believe that through proper education, exposure, and encouragement, our investors will have an equal opportunity to grow their mind and grow their wealth—a benefit that can positively impact generations to come.


Honesty & Integrity

Be honest always, and do what you say you will do.

growth & abundance mindset

Seek to grow and help others grow.


Exhibit persistence & determination.


Stay humble and grounded.

dare to be unique

Break Free from the Ordinary.

what we do

We help people reach financial freedom by investing in apartment buildings in high-quality markets nationwide. To accomplish this on a consistent basis, our rock-star team executes proven, data-driven processes for acquiring exclusive cash-flowing apartment communities.


To identify high quality properties with significant upside and a very favorable risk to reward ratio that meets our very strict standards, we employ an innovative data driven process for uncovering the best metros, sub-markets, neighborhoods and target properties.

find & verify

acquire & stabilize

After uncovering an investment property that meets our stringent criteria, our Asset Managers and Principals spring into action and work hand in hand with our property team to acquire the asset. After purchase, if the property is a turnaround property team members work relentlessly to stabilize the property.

With effective management and enhancement of the property we are able to improve occupancy rates and increase rent rates, resulting in increased property values and higher cash flow for happy investors.

value & improve