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Meet our team

Dr. Julius is the CEO and Co-Founder at XSITE Capital Investment LLC. Prior to forming XSITE, Julius’ investment focus was single family real estate and angel investing. Over the past several years, Julius has invested in over 50 start-ups, and currently sits on the advisory board of four healthcare-related start-ups. He was also acknowledged as a Forbes Business Council member in 2021.

Julius and the XSITE Capital team host a rapidly growing multifamily-focused meetup in Maryland where they provide resources and add value to individuals interested in growing their wealth and changing their financial future. Within the last 3 years, he led the acquisition of XSITE Capital’s fast-growing portfolio of more than $168M of assets under management.

He obtained his medical degree with honors from Howard University College of Medicine and completed residency and fellowship at NYU Hospital for Joint Diseases and Rush, respectively. Julius works as an orthopedic surgeon in Baltimore, Maryland, with sub-specialization in hip and knee replacements, and was voted Top Doc for Joint Replacement by Baltimore Magazine in 2019, 2020, 2021, and 2022.

Julius is also a husband and father of two beautiful girls. His interests include travel, music, global health and spending time with his family.

Leslie is the Director of Operations and Co-founder of XSITE Capital Investment LLC. He manages the company operations, market/data analysis, cash flow and budget analysis. Leslie is an entrepreneur and real estate investor. Leslie started investing in single family real estate in 2017 and transitioned to multifamily investing in 2019.

Leslie and his partners at XSITE Capital Investment LLC, currently own and manage $168 million worth of Multifamily real estate. In 2021, Leslie also founded an E-commerce company and Co-founded a Wellness Clinic, in Baltimore, Maryland.

He is a trained nurse anesthetist and obtained his MSc in Nurse Anesthesia from the University of Maryland Baltimore.

Leslie has a passion for building businesses and enjoys adding value to individuals interested in growing their wealth and changing their financial future.

Leslie is a husband, father of a son and two beautiful girls, and he loves to spend his spare time reading, volunteering and flying drones.

Tenny Tolofari, a highly successful investor and cybersecurity expert, is a familiar voice to listeners of various podcasts. As the Director of Acquisition and Co-founder of XSITE Capital Investment LLC, Tenny has led acquisitions amounting to $168 million in assets under management. He brings his invaluable insights to the podcast audience, sharing his experiences and strategies in investment and cybersecurity.

Tenny’s journey into investment started from a place of curiosity and networking. Today, his goal is to help 100,000 individuals gain financial independence. He believes in empowering others to understand and succeed in investing, making him a favorite guest on investment and finance podcasts.

On the cybersecurity front, Tenny leverages his deep knowledge to assist global organizations in detecting and responding to cyber threats. With a Master’s degree in Management Information Systems, focusing on Cybersecurity, and an undergraduate degree in Electrical & Electronics Engineering, his expertise brings an added dimension to discussions on podcasts.

When he’s not navigating the world of investing and cybersecurity, Tenny is looking forward to exploring his personal interests such as fishing, dancing, golf, and basketball. Most importantly, he cherishes spending time with his family as a devoted husband and father of three beautiful kids.

With Tenny and the XSITE Capital team, he co-hosts a rapidly growing multifamily-focused meetup in Maryland. They provide resources and value to individuals keen on expanding their wealth and transforming their financial future.

Tenny extends an open invitation to listeners to connect with him via email at ttolofari@xsitecapital.com or by phone at 2025695072. You can follow his journey on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram or visit his website at xsitecapital.com.

Tenny’s message to podcast listeners: “If you’re ready to embark on a similar journey towards financial independence or need guidance in the world of investing, reach out. Let’s learn and grow together. If I can make it, so can you!” Connect with Tenny today and kick-start your journey towards financial freedom.

Manny joined XSITE Capital in the Fall of 2020 and works in the acquisition team vetting deals. He also focuses on building underwriting models and providing education to prospective operators. He holds a certificate in the Adventures in CRE accelerator program.

Manny is a Board Certified Pharmacist by trade and currently practices as a Clinical Pharmacist in Los Angeles, CA.

Miles Hill joined the XSITE Capital team in late July 2022 through the Skillbridge apprenticeship program.  With a passion for real estate, Miles is eager to learn new skills with multifamily investing. He currently invests in single-family houses in the southeast region of the US.
Prior to XSITE, Miles served 10 years in the United States Navy as an air traffic controller. During his duty, he served onboard the USS Nimitz in Everett, Washington and at Naval Station Mayport in Jacksonville, Florida. He now resides in Tennessee with his wife and two children. He values spending time with family and giving back to the community.

With over half a decade experience supporting top executives, Christianus is a seasoned professional business assistant dedicated to adding value to developing businesses and helping them achieve their goals. Holding a bachelor’s degree in Public Administration, he has been instrumental in transforming businesses by assisting executives in streamlining operations and structuring administrative processes.
His role has also allowed him to explore business development, where his contributions have consistently led to enhanced efficiency and organizational growth. Christianus’s journey in the corporate world is driven by a genuine passion for making a difference and supporting the success of the companies he works with.
Outside of work, you’ll find him enjoying music, movies, paintballing, and diving into history. These interests provide a well-rounded perspective that he brings to his role, enriching his ability to connect with colleagues and clients alike.
At XSITE Capital, Christianus is committed to leveraging his skills and experiences to support the company’s mission and drive continued success.