the dod skillbridge program

XSITE Capital is proud to be a partner of the DOD SkillBridge Program! Service members who are leaving the military can gain professional experience through SkillBridge. Service Members will be placed in jobs with companies that align their skillset while receiving benefits from both parties, including money for training or internships depending on what they need most at this point of transition into civilian life

  • This program helps improve job placement rates because there’s no cost associated except whatever salary was offered by employers
  • It also provides access to one of the best-trained workforces outright which has great potential especially given how much time veterans may have spent serving overseas

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bridge the gap between the end of service and the beginning of your civilian career with xsite capital

our last skillbridge member!


Approaching his retirement of 21-years of service to the United States Navy; Kevin has joined the XSITE Team March 2023, under the SkillBridge Internship Program!

As a highly successful Naval Officer, Kevin has filled many Executive roles, such as Government Acquisition, Budget and Finance, with his most recent role as Chief Operating Officer, for Budget Execution Resource Department, of the Defense Health Agency. In his most recent role, he led his Team to achieve their highest execution rate of their 1.3B dollar budget, supporting over 127 hospitals and clinics worldwide. 

Kevin has always had a passion for Real Estate, ever since June of 2005. Throughout his military career, he has been involved in many Real Estate deals in several States to include Maryland, Virginia, South Carolina and Texas; thus, his reasoning and willingness to learn about Multi-Family Investing. XSITE Capital showed tenacity, passion in helping others, teaching, and giving back to their communities; it is the same values Kevin has instilled throughout his career.

His successes come from his belief, “you bloom where you’re planted, and if there are no opportunities; you place yourself in a position in which you are able to create more opportunities”.

Kevin currently resides in San Antonio, Texas, with his wife Ramany and four children, Kaden, Kennedi, Josiah and Joshua. In his spare time, you will find him spending time with his family, or enjoying his new hobby, golfing!

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